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How different is NxtBar from other snack bars?

NxtBar is truly clean in every way, unlike other bars that claim to cater to keto and paleo diets. We only use high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced in their most native form, which we believe gives NxtBar its amazing taste.

What’s in a NxtBar?

The main ingredients in every bar include: California almonds, coconut oil, tapioca fiber, pea protein, 100% grass-fed whey protein, organic pumpkin seeds, Himalayan sea salt, stevia, and monk fruit extract.

Is NxtBar gluten-free and grain-free?

Yes! We’re proud to offer gluten-free and grain-free recipes for easy digestion.

Does NxtBar use GMOs in recipes?

No. NxtBar is proud to feature a variety of fresh grown and organic ingredients.

How do you choose your ingredients?

NxtBar only includes the cleanest, minimally processed, and wholesome superfood ingredients.

What does low glycemic mean?

NxtBar is one of the only delicious snack bars with a low glycemic impact, which means that it won’t impact blood sugar. Instead of using artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, NxtBar uses a blend of plant-based monk fruit extract and stevia instead of sugar.

Are there any added sugars in NxtBar?

NxtBar is proud to feature no added sugar in any of our recipes. Unlike other granola and health-focused bars, we refuse to use sneaky sugar alcohols, bloat-inducing refined carbs, and artificial sweeteners.

Can I still enjoy NxtBar if I’m not on a Keto or Paleo diet?

Yes! We’ve optimized NxtBar to be the healthy choice for all diets across the board so its free of bad stuff but not flavor. Though it’s particularly beneficial for those diets that limit carbs and processed foods.
NxtBar also meets the following standards of health: Keto, paleo, low glycemic impact, GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free, hormone-free, no added sugar

When should I eat NxtBar?

Because of its high protein content that keeps you satisfied for longer, our customers rave about enjoying NxtBar as a meal replacement, midday snack, or pre- or post-workout!

What if I don’t like the flavor of NxtBars that I purchased?

We work hard to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase. If you’re not satisfied with the flavor you’ve tried, let us know. We honor refunds within a 60-day window. Contact us at


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