Our Natural food Philosophy

Most protein bars are junk food in disguise. With artificial sweeteners, hidden sugars, and refined carbs littered throughout their recipes, they rely on deceptively processed ingredients and loads of “natural” sugars to add flavor at the expense of your health.

At NxtBar, we believe that nutrition bars should be, well, nutritious! Because of this, we source fresh ingredients from local farms around the world to create an authentic flavor profile that can’t be faked. No bloat-inducing carbs. No energy-draining hidden sugars. No GMO’s.

Our dedication to transparent nutrition is rooted in sustainably sourced ingredients, balanced macros, and energy-boosting superfoods that keep you full, focused and properly fueled on Keto and Paleo diets.


Feel Good
About Snacking


Ingredients like heart-healthy California almonds, energizing coconut oil, gut-loving tapioca fiber, prized Himalayan sea salt, and 100% grass-fed whey protein are just a few among our list of stable ingredients in every bar. We take wholesome foods in their most natural state for easier digestion, less bloating, and unbeatable taste.

We also make sure that our recipes feature a blend of plant-based sweeteners that have a low glycemic impact so you can indulge and still feel amazing. Bye-bye, sugar spike!

NxtBar is here to make healthier snacking easier, and more delicious. No more chalky keto bars, no prep time, and no more feeling bad about carb cravings. Transform into the person you’ve always aspired to be with the Nxt generation of clean snack bars.